Museum Dreams, Design Museum Gent, 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice, 1- 17 September, 2017
Logos and Typography, Yellow Brick, Athens, November, 2017


Do you have information?
D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Legitimate Rehearsals, 13 April - 21 May, 2017

A reading of Kunstraum D21's surroundings made by going into
publicly accessible spaces and requesting printed material.


Art Rotterdam, 8-12 February, 2017
Ongoing performance

Unidentified pickpockets move throughout the art fair taking visitors’
wallets. The wallets are taken to a redistribution desk, where small
amounts of cash are redistri
buted according to a secret algorithm, and
wallets are returned to their owners with a certificate of the exchange.


Maastunnel, Charlois Speciaal, 10 - 19 June, 2016

Stickers from 22 contributors were added to the escalator steps on
the North and South side of the Maastunnel in Rotterdam. The project
was launched during Charlois Speciaal 2016, with information about
the work circulated by the Tunnel Guards/Toezichthouders.

Contributions by Ash Kilmartin, Bik van der Pol, Cedar Lewishon,
Eloise Sweetman, Experimental Jetset, Hannah James, Hans Walgenbach,
Joris Lindhoudt, Kevin Gallagher, Kiki Petratou, Micha Zweifel, Peach,
Perri MacKenzie, Piet de Jonge, Priscilla Fernandez, Sabrina Chou, Serena
Lee, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki and Yin Yin Wong


Art and publishing collective Action is made up of Ilke Gers, Quenton Miller and collaborators.